heh I can't tell you how shocked I was when I saw this. Good job NG! I love the scouting system. I got scouted in the first couple minutes so I guess it works pretty well. Hopefully it goes well for the art community here. :D

Check out my artwork. I'll be posting a lot of my old and more recent stuff. Reviews and rates are appreciated. I'll do my best with the scouting as well. :)

As for the animation, it's been going slowly only because real life has been throwing big fat stones! I'm doing my best though. Unfortunately, my external drive got corrupted and I had to start from a really old save file (stupid me for not saving to multiple places). But luckily that gave me some time to think over the story and concept a bit and I've been making some changes with a lot of things. I also need to contact the voice actor for the main character to see if he's still up to doing the part. If not, I'll be needing to hold auditions again.

New Upcoming Animation

2008-06-19 18:10:53 by sfox8

First post, but just to let anyone visiting know that I'm working on a completely new animation. Totally different from any kind I've done before, but I really hope it turns out well. I'll upload a preview to NG Alphas once I get a bit farther along in development. :) Some of you may already know what I'm talking about though. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

New Upcoming Animation